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Fantasy Football Strategy

Fantasy Football is a huge spectacle online. Millions of people from around the world log on to manage their teams nearly every day. There are some rather simple tips that you can implement into your fantasy football strategy that will allow you to have a very successful team. The most basic fantasy football strategy that is being overlooked today is the matchups. No other fantasy sport other than football is as reliant on matchups. A good fantasy player can be a great player when going against a below-average defense. In order to maximize your fantasy football output, start with players going against terrible defenses. A thorough evaluation of match-ups must be conducted every week while you decide whether to sit or play a particular player. I recommend going to NFL.com to check each defense rankings in passing yards and rushing yards that are allowed. While the defensive match-up is not the only factor going into your start/sit decision it is certainly one of the most important. In order to decide on a receiver to pick up off waivers as a bye week fill-in, you should first look for receivers on home teams coming off a bye. The fantasy football strategy for this is to observe the value of playing the receivers and quarterbacks that are coming off a bye that is something to be exploited if possible. You can visit NFL.com and sort defenses based on the passing yards allowed. Try to go by defensive matchups if there are only a few free agents available in your leagues.

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